We strive to provide accurate descriptions and high quality merchandise. If you have any problems with Metak products, please let us know as soon as possible! We will do everything in our power to make it right. Please see the below Policy for more information.

We want you to love your new parts and gadgets! But we know that sometimes your parts list changes, or something isn’t working the way you thought it would. Never fear, we are here to help!

Bought something you don’t need anymore?

Products that have not been opened/programmed/plugged in/otherwise used can be returned for a refund for any reason within 7 days. Please read the following guidelines, then email Service Support to set up your return before shipping it back.

  • All returns must include any accessories, manuals, documentation, etc. that shipped with the product.
  • Returns from orders older than 7 days are eligible for replacement only. They are not eligible for a refund.
  • You are responsible for return shipping charges that are not related to a manufacturer error.
  • Some products are not eligible for a return for refund. These include, but are not limited to, custom configured products, older version releases, and ding-and-dent items.
  • We are not able to process returns for items purchased from a Matek Distributor. Please contact the store you originally purchased from to arrange a return.
Thing you bought isn’t working right?

If your item is defective, malfunctioning, or modified in some way, we would be happy to attempt to resolve your issue.

  • Technical issues can often be resolved without the need to ship things back. When you email Tech Support be sure to include the description of your issue, and how you have used and/or modified the item.
  • If determined to be necessary, Please contact the store you originally purchased from to arrange the return or replacement.
  • If the items were purchased over a year ago, or that are old version releases, Pls contact our Service Support to confirm if the warranty is still available.

We are here to help! We want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your experience at Matek. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to ask. We will do our best to resolve your matter.

  • Customer Support


  • Technical Support

    Please feel free to contact us if you need Tech Support, our engineer will take care of you.




  • 从Matek直接购买的用户均享有7天无理由退换货服务,从Matek经销商处购买的用户,经销商的退换货政策优先。
  • 需要退换货的产品,请保持产品包装完整,附件齐全,无划痕,未经拆修。
  • 如你购买的产品有使用问题,可先查看我们产品介绍页或相关文章,以确认是否操作不当或软件/固件版本原因,再联络我们售后人员以获得技术支持。
  • 如故障为用户无法自行解决的,产品属于半年以换代修类,请联络购买时的经销商直接换发新品。
  • 如故障为用户无法自行解决的,产品属于一年保修类,请联络我们以保修。
  • 关于保修过程中的运费:属于保修范围的,双方各承担单程运费。不属于保修范围的,用户承担双程运费。
  • 保修流程:
  1. 用户填写“保修产品登记”,提供详细的问题描述和准确的回寄地址;
  2. 用户寄出需要保修的产品;
  3. 我们收到产品;
  4. 我们查找问题原因,如属于保修范围且在保修期内,我们会在7天内维修好寄出;
  5. 我们查找问题原因,如不在保修范围或已过保修期,我们会联络用户,询问处理方式,得到确认后,7天内维修好寄出;
  6. 用户可在线查询保修状态(使用登记时的姓名和电话,两者匹配才可以查询)。