What’s your preference for contacting us?

  • Order/Distribution/OEM&ODM

    • sales@mateksys.com,   for Order/Distribution/OEM&ODM only
    • If you require after-sale service and technical support, Pls read “SUPPORTS” page FIRST.  sales@mateksys.com is not available for after-sale service and technical support.
    • In order to meet the needs of the RC model enthusiasts, we temporarily DO NOT accept bulk orders from Russia and Ukraine and orders of final destinations to Russia and Ukraine. We kindly ask our customers, partners and other stakeholders to suspend quotation in such regions for our products.

Aspiring Retailers/Resellers/Distributors

Matek offers various incentives for retailers, resellers, and distributors of Matek products. For more information on this program please contact sales@mateksys.com