• In order to meet the needs of the RC model enthusiasts in other regions, we temporarily DO NOT accept enquiries or orders from Russia and Ukraine and orders of final destinations to Russia and Ukraine. We kindly ask our customers, partners and other stakeholders to suspend quotation in such regions for our products.
  • 暂不接受来自于俄罗斯/乌克兰,以及货物最终去往俄罗斯/乌克兰地区的所有订单,烦请各位新老伙伴拒绝掉来自此类地区对我们产品的询价,并建议买家寻找其他替代品。
  • VTX-1G3SE, VRX-1G3 图传发射和接收均已停产,请各位不要再询价了,谢谢。

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