In case you need help

We are sorry you’re having trouble! Before contacting us directly, there are a few places we would like you to check for help first.

Most info (documentation, specifications, datasheets, Tips etc.) are available on each product’s page. We also listed some common questions in blog

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Have a question for Support?

  • Our Support is available Monday ~ Friday / 10AM ~ 8PM (GMT +8 China). We are closed Saturday,Sunday & Chinese Holiday.
When contacting us please be ready with as much information as possible:
  • Matek item number (SKU) for the part in question.
  • Information on any additional parts that might be hooked up to your system, such as PDB, ESC, motors, receiver, Camera, VTX. GPS, compass.
  • For flight controllers, type “diff” in CLI mode, then copy diff  file and attach it in email.  DO NOT send “dump” file.
  • Some high resolution(raw) and in-focus PHOTOS of board and wiring.  Schematic can’t show your true wiring and soldering.  pls take photos of true soldering and wiring.

It is very hard to diagnose issues remotely. Please help us by providing us more details we ask for.  Vague description is not suggested, such as “not working” .  Guess work always takes more time for both of us.

We prefer contact via email at or fill in the Service form, and will generally get back to you within 1 to 2 business days. Some questions require some extra time to research and compose a response.

  • Pls reply our email with history quoted, so that we can follow your case accurately.
  • Pls use English or Chinese, We are not familiar with other languages.
  • 中国以及懂中文的用户可以用中文联系。


  • We offer 90 days warranty period after the purchase for Flight Controllers, GPS, Sensor modules, Video Transmitter/Receivers.
  • We offer 45 days warranty period after the purchase for PDB, BEC, LED, Buzzers, ELRS receivers.
  • We don’t offer repair service to oversea users due to the expensive and time-consuming round-way shipping.
  • We will continue to provide you with technical supports and repair suggestions when the product is outside of warranty window.
What is the warranty process?
  1. Send your issues via email or the “Service Form“.
  2. We will work with you to troubleshoot the issues first.
  3. Each claim should have all proof of defects by mean of photo or video showing clearly the defect of the product, and a detailed description of your issue, included a description of what you have already done to fix it. Vague description(e.g. “not working”, ‘DOA”) is not suggested.
  4. For product that is confirmed as genuinely defective of product design or quality control issues. If you purchase Matek products from authorized dealers, We will copy this warranty case to dealers. you can also forwarder our service email to dealers.
  5. Please contact the dealer you originally purchased from to arrange a replacement or refund.  We will add credit to their orders for the replacement/refund.  Usually we don’t need the defective product back to dealers. but sometimes dealers need defective product back.
  6. Some dealers have their own warranty period and policy. If the dealer can’t offer you a replacement within our warranty period. you can get a brand new directly from us, but you just need to pay one way DHL/TNT/FedEx shipping fees. We don’t need the defective product back.
What are NOT covered by warranty?
  • Crashes, fire damage, shortcircuit caused by non-manufacturing factors, including but not limited, to pilot errors.
  • Damage caused by improper installation,  reverse voltage,  mess soldering,  solder splash,  water,  conformal coating.
  • Flight controller firmware bug, setting issues.
  • Screws, Standoffs, Grommets, Wires .
Bought something you don’t need anymore?
  • Pls check out the dealers’ return policy.
  • We are not able to process returns for items purchased from Matek Distributors/Dealers. Please contact the store you originally purchased from to arrange a return.
ELRS Series receiver firmware target related, Pls read this blog .

Service Form

Pls read Blog page for diagnosing FC firmware/drivers/power/boot issues before you submit this form.

  • Check if you have provided enough details before you submit the form.  Vague description(e.g. “not working”) is not suggested.  You need to be more specific about what issue and status you’re referring to.
  • Guesswork always takes more time for both of us. 
  • If your question/issue is related to Flight controller, high resolution & close-up PHOTOS of BOTH SIDES of FC board and wiring are always needed for troubleshooting.  The photos should show clearly components on flight controller board and your soldering.  Pls attach photos(JPG/JPEG) and email to .
  • If flight controller can connect to configurator, type “diff” in CLI mode, then copy diff  file and attach it in email.  DO NOT send “dump” file.
  • If flight controller can’t connect to configurator, Take a short video to show the LED status after plugging USB.   and the LED status after plugging USB while holding boot button in.

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