MATEKSYS ELRS Receivers Lineup

SKU R24-TD R24-D R24-P6V R24-P6 R24-P R24-V
MCU ESC32-PICO-D4 ESP8285 ESC32-PICO-D4 ESP8285 ESP8285 ESP8285
CRSF-PWM converter
RF Freq SX1281/2.4GHz SX1281/2.4GHz SX1281/2.4GHz SX1281/2.4GHz SX1281/2.4GHz SX1281/2.4GHz
PA/LNA AT2401 SE2431L SE2431L / / /
Telemetry power 100mW 180mW 180mW 16mW 16mW 16mW
Diversity True Diversity  Antenna Diversity  Antenna Diversity / / /
power supply 4-13V 4-9V 4-13V 4-9V 4-9V 4-9V
Output Serial/CRSF Serial/CRSF 6x PWM
with Vario
6x PWM 5x PWM 7x PWM
with Vario
PCB Size(mm) 28 x 16 21 x 15 30 x 18 20 x 18 25 x 13 27 x 16
& Variants
Generic ESP32
True Diversity PA 2.4Ghz RX
Generic ESP8285
Diversity PA 2.4Ghz RX
Generic ESP32
PWM Vario 2.4Ghz RX
Generic ESP8285
6xPWM 2.4Ghz RX
Generic ESP8285
5xPWM 2.4Ghz RX
Generic ESP8285
2.4Ghz RX
RadioMaster RP4-TD 2.4GHz
HappyModel EP Dual 2.4GHz
Matek R24-D RadioMaster ER6-GV
RadioMaster ER6-G
HappyModel EPW6 Matek R24-P RadioMaster RP1
HappyModel EP1/EP2
Generic targets and corresponding name variants have same pins definitions & configs.  You can flash receivers with corresponding target variants.