Flight Controller H743-WING V2 & V3

STM32H743VIT6, ICM42688P & ICM42688P, DPS310, OSD, 7x UARTs, 2x I2C, 1xCAN, 13x PWM outputs, 3x BEC, PDB, current sensor


Recently we have noticed that there are fake H743-WING-V3 on the market.  We have received reports from some of users that there are flaws on these fakes. If you purchased it from Aliexpress SkyArea RC Store/RC GearBest Store/EasyScope RC Store. they are 100% fake.  and FeiYing RC Store/AprilRc Store also sold fakes after Jan of 2024.  If you are not sure if what you purchased is genuine,  you can send some high res photos of both sides of the flight controller board to service@mateksys.com. We will check out it for you.

Please purchase our products from authorized dealers https://www.mateksys.com/?page_id=1212