AP_Periph DroneCAN GNSS M10-L4-3100

AP_Periph L431 CAN node, ublox GNSS module, RM3100, SPL06-001, DroneCAN protocol & UART_MSP


  • M10-L4-3100 has been pre-installed with MatekL431-GPS firmware since Nov. 2022. CAN Barometer is also disabled in “MatekL431-GPS” fw for reducing the data flow. MSP feature is also disabled in “MatekL431-GPS” fw before Jun-6-2023.
  • If you want to use MSP feature,  Pls flash it with “MatekL431-GPS” (AP_Periph_with_bl.hex) fw version after Jun-6-2023 over SWC/SWD pads via ST-LINK.
  • From mid-July-2023, the 25mm patch antenna changed from “Taoglas” to “Cirocomm PA025AZ0009”.  Both antennas perform the same.