Micro BEC 6-60V to 5V/9V/12V-ADJ

  • Due to shortage of chips, the voltage regulator chip has been replaced with SOP-8 package.
  • PCB 1mm wider.
  • Identical performance as previous version.

  • Wide 6V to 60V Operating Input Range
  • Start-up Voltage >=6.7V
  • VOut 5V, 9V or 12V Adj. Default is 5V.
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 100%,   when input voltage< setting value,  Regulator output voltage = Input voltage
  • Continuous load current: Depends on input voltage and heat dissipation.
  • INPUT: 6-60V,  Room Temperature. 22C,  without additional heat sink
    50V DC IN 24V DC IN 16V DC IN Output Ripple
    5V OUT 1.8A cont. 2.3A cont. 2.8A cont. 20mV
    3.5A Max.  2s/minute
    9V OUT 1.5A cont. 2.1A cont. 2.6A cont. 30mV
    3A Max.  2s/minute
    12V OUT 1.3A cont. 2A cont. 2.5A cont. 30mV
    3A Max.  2s/minute
  • Standby current: <5mA
  • OCP Protection and Hiccup
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Output Short-circuit tolerant (3 seconds/minute)
  • No protection for reversed input polarity
  • Pins distance: 2.54mm
  • Size & Weight: 18×15(16)x4.5mm, 2g
  • Packing: 1pc/package