ELRS CRSF to SBUS converter

Firmware Update

Pls update the CRSF-SBUS converter with firmware v1.1.0 when you receive the first batch of boards.


  • Compatible with CRSF/SBUS protocol receiver.
  • Support CRSF to SBUS, or SBUS to CRSF conversion
  • Battery voltage(RxBt) telemetry over CRSF protocol
  • CRSF to SBUS latency <7ms
  • Rated voltage: 4~5.5V @5V pad,  0~36V @VBAT pad
  • No 5V regulator built-in,  VBAT pad is just for battery voltage sensing.
  • PCB size 15mm x 10mm,  0.6g
  • 2pcs/package

LED status

  • slow blinks: CRSF-SBUS board doesn’t receive CRSF or SBUS signal, e.g., receiver is not bound with transmitter, receiver is not connected to UART of CRSF-SBUS board.
  • solid ON:  CRSF-SBUS board and receiver are working normally.