ExpressLRS/ELRS 2.4GHz Vario Receiver, R24-V

ExpressLRS firmware, 2.4GHz, 7x PWM outputs, Variometer sensor integrated.



  • Generic ESP8285 2.4Ghz RX
  • or RadioMaster RP1 2.4GHz RX
  • or HappyModel EP1/EP2 2.4GHz RX

Baro "Alt" readout

  • Start with EdgeTX 2.7.1/OpenTX 2.3.15 and ExpressLRS 2.5,  Baro Alt telemetry ID is supported in CRSF protocol.
  • You need to update Transmitter, ExpressLRS  TX module and Receiver all to latest verison.
  • and update CRSF-PWM-V to V2.3.0 or newer.

Bottom PCB variant

  • There is another bottom CRSF-PWM PCB version in market. VBat pad is nearby CH “7”,   CH”8″ is just a pad at bottom side.  The silk print labelling are correct on both versions.  Just follow the labelling to wire Vbat voltage and CH8 signal.


  • R24-V is discontinued,   R24-P6V is the a substitute.